We are guessing others have crossed the same photo location on their trips to find another spot for a dare. This dare offers you the opportunity to go back to a previous location and shoot another dare photo as close as possible to the original photo you submitted previously. This time you will be replicating the photo pose to the best of your ability. We feel the only change should be foot ware. Since the main objective is to be completely naked that needs to remain the same. There must be something in the photo as proof of the same location. Please mark the verifying thing in your photo.


Two Bare Ones

.jpg tboherrdo1a.jpg tboherrdo1b.jpg tboherrdo1c.jpg tboherrdo1d.jpg tboherrdo1e.jpg tbohimrdo1a.jpg tbohimrdo1b.jpg tbohimrdo1c.jpg tbohimrdo1d.jpg

We were on a road trip and had remembered an area that had never made it as a subdivision that we did photos at a few years ago. We had printed out an old photo so we could find the exact intersection and try our luck again. Yep we found the same place verified by the areas with the red stars in her first photo. Yep, the same cracks in the road. This time there was more traffic than the last time we were here. All of a sudden out of nowhere a vehicle would come driving down one of the roads. It is sort of a scary area with all of the road signs shot with bullet holes. After marking the spot to stand we took turns recreating the dare as best as we could. We decided on the strip dare since it required a longer time to have to stand out in the open and possibly be seen.

Date Name
12-9-2017 2 Bare Ones
2-10-2018 Ancient Brit